The land of "Bordino" is located in the Trapani area, it is flat and the Bordino river runs alongside it. The land is particularly fertile and of alluvial origin. It is located about 150 meters above sea level and is irrigated with the water that comes from the Rubino dam, property of the Consorzio di Bonifica "Ex Birgi". It is about 4 hectares large and planted with a 25 year old vineyard of "Grillo" grown with the “espalier” method.

Chiova Parecchiata

In the Custonaci area, Ottoventi cultivates 2.60 hectares of vineyard in the “contrada” or district "Chiova/Parecchiata". The Mazzara family, founder of Ottoventi, has cultivated this land since 1645, when the Bourbons assigned this land to the labourers as "parecchiata". This area is particularly suited to viticulture. About two years ago, a young vineyard was planted with "Zibibbo", "Grillo" and "Chardonnay". The land is flat, bordered by the Forgia river and is south facing.

Erice Vetta

The "Cappucini - Erice Vetta" area is located just before the summit of Monte San Giuliano, an 840 meters above sea level high mountain.
The vineyard is described on "sheet 192 of the NCT", it is placed on the provincial 3 Trapani/Erice and it is exposed to midday in a place from which it dominates the panorama over Trapani town, on the salt flats and to the Egadi Islands. There are many diurnal and nocturnal rapacious and it is a nesting area for several of them, you can easely find even migratory birds.
The land is not irrigated and is of calcareous nature. The altitude, the midday exposure, the Scirocco wind and the limestone nature of the soil give to the grapes perfect tools for a high quality sparkling wine such as our "Level 8.20". Our Chardonnay and Cataratto have been grown in the roughly 6 hectares of land in espalier for more than 10 years.


The “contrada” - or district "Fico / Torrebianca", which lies at over 200 meters above sea level, page 47 of the NCT - New Land Cadastre, is located on State Road number 187 at km. 6.6 and faces south on a gentle slope below the rocky ridge of Mt Erice, on which nest migratory birds of prey. Here is located the factory for processing the grapes, the land is irrigated and borders with the Erice mountain. The soil is of clayey alluvial origin and the south facing position of the domain, the influence of Scirocco - the local southerly wind and the nature of the terrain produce good red wines.
The six hectares of land have been cultivated with the “espalier” method for about 10 years and the following grape varieties are present: Nero d'Avola, Syrah, Nerello Mascalese.


The “contrada”- or district "Linciasa/Costa d'Aquila", page 20 of the NCT- New Land Cadastre, has the company’s largest vineyard area. This area also takes its name from the rocky ridge that borders the property. It is called "Costa d'Aquila" - Eagle’s Coast, as according to some ornithologists, Bonelli’s eagles nest here, as well as in the Zingaro nature reserve. It lies about 100 meters above sea level and about a kilometer away from the seaside. The vineyard is located in a very fertile valley with loose sandy soil of volcanic origin, red soil resulting from rock erosion. The local wind - the “brezza di mare” or sea breeze, gives a specific flavour to the grapes and consequently to the wine. There are about 15 hectares of vineyards averaging about 15 years of age. The cultivars grown using the “espalier” method are "Zibibbo", "Grillo", "Grecanico", "Catarratto", "Malvasia".


The “contrada” - or district "Mafi" is located in the same area as "Linciasa / Costa d'Aquila", beyond the rocky ridge. The land gently slopes and is exposed to the south / south east. For the most part it borders the Forgia river and it is irrigated. The soil is alluvial and clayey. Its surface is about 19 hectares and it has been planted with an olive grove, whose trees are over twenty years of age. The olive varieties are certified "DOC Valli Trapanesi ".