Ottoventi’s constant attention to quality when it comes to obtaining characteristic yet innovative wines, while respecting what each of its vineyards is actually able to express, is - like the wind, the novelty of a renewed tasting experience. Ottoventi believes that it is only by reclaiming the poetic, oneiric and mythical dimensions proper to the winds, that we can grasp the true nature of Sicily.

The meaning behind the brand names “.8” and “.20”:
We created the brand names ".8" and ".20" from the company’s own name - "Ottoventi" and from the two meanings that the words “otto venti” have in Italian. They can be understood from a meteorological point of view as "eight winds" or from a numerical point of view as "8,20".
We decided to use this second interpretation prefixing the "." to the numbers/brand names as one would in web lingo with ".com" or ".net".

The meaning behind the brand name “Level 8.20”