Ottoventi and its vineyards cover about forty hectares around the Erice, Valderice and Trapani area, in Western Sicily. Our vineyards are grown between the land and the sea with the ever present help of the Mediterranean winds. The Wind and the Sea affect our lives and our wines on a daily basis.

The Wind makes our grapes dry and healthy. A ventilated vineyard has a lower incidence of plant diseases, as diseases require moisture to develop. This reduces to a minimum the need to use phytosanitary protection treatments, and these prevent rather than cure any plant pathology. Thanks to the wind we are blessed with healthy grapes and wine. During the winter, the sea combines with the wind, in the form of sea breezes and brings salt to our vineyards. Once absorbed by the grapes, it determines the salinity and minerality of our wines.

You can find the scent of the Sicilian Sea in our wines. In them the salinity of the soil is enhanced and they are a generous gift for every passionate consumer.